Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is widely recognized as an effective strategy for business-to-business marketers. In fact, 92% of companies recognize the value of ABM and see it as a important move for their B2B marketing strategies.

Accounts matter in B2B because there can be as many as 17 personals involved in every technology purchase decision. You need to reach a wide range of decision-makers – from the IT help desk guy to the CEO. Inside your key accounts, evangelists are advancing your organization – and they are now and then far-fetched characters.

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Account Based Marketing, At DPIS

Marketers adore ABM because it delivers great ROI. But there are different advantages, as well. With our ABM services at your disposal, there is less waste and less risk, as marketing budgets are spent specifically on the accounts that have been recognized as having the most income potential. Plus, In addition, deals arrangement is completely clear and it is easy to keep marketing and sales on the same page.

Generally, ABM services works best for:

  • Alignment – Align marketing efforts with sales targets
  • Intelligence – Gather knowledge to help deals discourses
  • Insights – Get insight into buying committees
  • Personalised – Tailor messaging and content by individual and buying group

A Co-ordinated ABM approach

Our ABM services are personalized by client. And unlike some ABM providers, that are only able to that let you to target accounts as well as specific individuals within those accounts.

Personalized ABM solutions is a power pack with the following:

  • Data – to be used for internal marketing efforts, inbound campaigns, and drip marketing
  • Intent overlays – to score your existing account data
  • Lead generation – targeting individuals at specific named accounts
  • Targeted audience extensions – Continue to reach the target audience across the Web
  • Data research – human research efforts against specific accounts
  • Market research – dig deeper and gain more insights with a market research survey