Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Abstain spending on obsolete e-mail lists from now on. Our team of talented experts drudge to produce an extra ordinary Email Lists for your use. Beside that; for offering magnificent Email Marketing Services we have systematic, cutting edge tools to maintain and update all our database periodically which none of our competitors do.

Our E-mail lists incorporate the following info:

Company Name, Contact Name, Contact Title, Website, Street Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country, Phone Number, Fax Number, Verified E-mail Address, IP Address, Date, Time and Website Source, Employee Size, Revenue, SIC Code & NAICS Code.

Our Email Marketing Services will help you grow consistently, every product by us is purely based on customers need hence we suggest you to try our e-mail list to experience instant results.

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Prospecting the right audience is no more a rocket science; We at DPIS have found an ideal way to reach all your potential customers in a matter of seconds. We keep updating our data constantly to connect with any of your customers confidently that in turn help you boost your company’s sales.

Distinguish your target prospects based on what they have purchased or haven’t done. Our intense filters let you effortlessly locate the correct individuals you’re searching for, so you’ll generally know who’s in each stage of the customer life-cycle.

DPIS provides precise data based on technology users which with holds IT decision makers , finance decision makers, hr decision makers, operations decision makers, engineering decision makers, sales, business,marketing and many more contacts

Identify your target prospects based on what they have purchased or haven’t done. Our powerful filters let you easily find the exact people you’re looking for, so you’ll always know who’s in each stage of the customer lifecycle.

Geo targeting can drive up to 60% of your campaigns success. Target your prospects location based on any 1 or a combination of the following criteria: Geographic proximity to your business, City, County, State, Postal Code etc.


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