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Email Campaign Tracking & AnalyticsMeasure the success rate of your email marketing campaigns with cutting edge reports that exactly disclose to you who's opening, clicking your emails and conversion rates.

Your customers are letting you know precisely what they need out of your emails. DPIS helps you understand those preferences so you can deliver precisely tailored messages to your subscribers. In-depth analytics data is available to you as soon as you send out your email newsletter.

Get the benefit of report data at your desk:

  • Track opens, links clicked and who has unsubscribed
  • Discover the right reason for bounced emails
  • Get precise email customer, device and browser report
  • Find where your users are utilizing GEO-area report

Our Results

Lead Scoring
A/B Testing
Inbox Preview
Click Tracking

Device & Email Client ReportImprove your email campaign content and design based on detailed analytics on how each recipient opens, clicks and interacts with every email you send.

  • Device report reveals opens & clicks from desktop PC’s or mobile devices
  • Browser report shows which browser or email client is used most often
  • GEO-location report with a world map shows opens & clicks by country


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